Watch Donna at the Oct. 4, 2018 League of Women Voter Candidate Forum by clicking on this photo. Her portion of the evening begins at minute 5:


You can also watch Donna and her opponent during their Coloradoan interview on Friday Oct. 5, 2018. This was a more relaxed event in which the candidates had more than 60 seconds to answer the questions. You can read the article here

  • Are you sick and tired of sitting in traffic on I-25? Did you know that the third lane being added will be an express toll lane? 

  • Are you worried about how you’re going to pay for healthcare? What about getting to choose your doctor?

  • Is your business suffering from too many regulations and taxes? 

I am running for House District 52 to address these and other issues facing every Coloradan. State government is reaching into our lives and businesses at an ever increasing pace. My goal is to reduce the government intrusion we see happening in healthcare and other areas and get government working on issues that only government can address such as roads, bridges, and law enforcement.

Between now and November, I invite you to consider whether the state legislature is acting in the way you think is best for this state. If we continue on the present course, will Colorado be all that you hope it will be for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren? Will it continue to be a place of opportunity and adventure? Will Colorado always be recognized for being a lofty peak of freedom and liberty in our great nation?

I will work to restore and preserve our individual freedoms and choices by supporting legislation that reduces unnecessary restrictions and regulations. I will also avoid partisan politics and not let party differences stand in the way of addressing the problems facing our state. Examine my experience and passion for serving my neighbors in Colorado and stand with me in protecting the rights and liberties of Coloradans today and in the generations to come!

Donna Walter – Working for you, not the establishment