Watch these short videos to learn more about Donna and her top priority and goal if elected:

Introducing Donna

Her Qualifications for Office

Her Top Priority as a Legislator

Her First Goal: Restoring Full Funding for Transportation


My name is Donna Walter. I am  running for Colorado State House of Representatives, District 52, which covers the east side of Fort Collins. Like you, I am concerned about the size, efficiency and effectiveness of government. I feel our current state legislature is losing touch with Colorado values and becoming increasingly intrusive. This concern has moved me to run for public office. Colorado has been a wonderful place to call home. As a legislator, I will ensure that Colorado remains the wonderful place that brought my family here in the first place.

I’ve served in the natural wellness field for 35 years and am a Board Certified Naturopathic Clinician. Family is important to me. I was a single mom for a number of years and was helped by various government programs until I was able to support myself and my son, whom I later homeschooled. I also have two grandsons and my father was a disabled WWII veteran. I served in a medical mission program and continue to support various community projects and agencies.

In my free time I enjoy getting out to see our beautiful state whether by riding a motorcycle, co-piloting a friend’s airplane, or just taking a drive into the mountains.

The halls of the state Capitol are familiar to me. I have spent many hours working with legislators as a volunteer citizen advocate to champion the rights of citizens. I understand how the legislature works, and I know how to make a difference there. Please visit my Issues page to learn more about where I stand on a variety of issues that are important in this district.

Your donation will allow us to continue to purchase yard signs, print brochures, cover postage costs and do more to reach out to voters and win back this seat.

Join our team of volunteers. Can you display a yard sign? Walk your neighborhood? Write a letter to the editor? Make a few phone calls? Are there other ways you can help? Give me a call. I welcome your support!

I am tired of how partisan politics in Denver have interfered with our ability to solve the problems that face Colorado. I look forward to serving you, not the establishment.

For liberty,