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Listen in as Donna discusses issues such as extending a I-25’s third lane to Fort Collins (without it being a toll lane!), healthcare, education, and the economy with KCOL’s Jimmy Lakey here.

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We are excited to unveil our radio ad campaign on KCOL. The focus of these ads is on addressing a number of the issues that Coloradans currently face today.  If you like our ads, help us to run more by clicking on our Donate! button. It’s time for strong leadership in the State House.

If you like our ad, please let us know!

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I am running for State House District 52 because our state government has made promises to us that remain unfulfilled.  Two of these involve transportation and healthcare.

In 2009, the Colorado legislature redirected General Fund money from transportation to education due to reduced revenue during the Great Recession.  This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. Sadly, even after state revenue recovered, this promise was not fulfilled and has left our state over $1 billion short in transportation funding since 2009.

If elected, I will make this one of my highest priorities. Coloradans deserve safe highways and bridges along with good schools and our state budget should reflect this. In addition, I-25 should have sufficient funding so that the third lane does not need to be a toll lane. Longmont has three lanes without a toll; why not Fort Collins? This can be accomplished without an added tax.

Another challenging issue continues to be healthcare. Although the federal government has a role, I keep hearing about moving toward Medicare-for-all on a state level. The question is, how will we pay for this?

If elected, I would pursue innovative solutions such as expanding healthcare cost-sharing programs and incentivizing Primary Doctor Care. These approaches save money without compromising the delivery of care.

What we need at our state capitol are common sense citizen legislators who understand and value both our Constitution, our citizens’ needs, and their purses and wallets. I hope to earn your vote!

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I will be walking with the Larimer County Republican Party’s float. Come out and walk with us or cheer for your favorite candidates and enjoy the parade! You can see the route here: https://homecoming.colostate.edu/…/Road-Closures-Map.08-PRO…

25. September 2018 · Comments Off on Larimer County Candidate Forum on Aging · Categories: Blog

Are you concerned about issues that touch Colorado’s aging population? Join me and other candidates this afternoon as we discuss what Colorado is doing well and where we could make improvements. We will be at the Drake Center in Fort Collins.

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Never forget what happened this day 17 years ago.

Our nation may have changed, but our resolve as Americans only became stronger that day. Always remember that America is strongest when it is united as one people dedicated to freedom and our way of life. May God bless our country!

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Last Saturday evening we had a meet-and-greet with voters – even some Democrats in attendance! We had great conversation and Q&A time where we had the opportunity to hear your concerns and talk about the issues that matter.

I will be a representative for all citizens. The issues we face cross party lines and we must work together to get the best results for HD52 and Colorado.

Would you like to host a similar event in your home or neighborhood?

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While we have been campaigning hard, I want to take a moment to say a word about my dear friend Lew Gaiter III. Lew recently learned that he has only a short time left with us, but he is working hard and being a leader in our community all the way to the finish. Lew is a strong Christian and spiritual leader who loves his wife Jeannette and their nine children. Lew is also a civic leader, serving as County Commissioner these past eight years, being active on committees and community organizations, and being an avid skier and volunteer ski patrolman.

I was able to spend some time with Lew recently and he always reminds me what a wonderful community we have in Larimer County with people who care about their neighbors and look out for others first. I hope we will all take Lew’s example in our own leadership and as members of a family.

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I was recently at an event with Cory Gardner and Walker Stapleton. I’m very glad we have strong conservative leaders in Colorado.

I am excited at the prospect of serving with our state and local leaders to work for all Coloradans.

As I knock on doors throughout our district, folks are looking for leaders that will actually listen and cut through all of the noise we hear in our politics. If you want to help us reach more voters, please contact me and we would be honored to have your support and help!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the 4th of July Parade in Fort Collins this year!

Showing patriotism by celebrating our freedoms on Independence Day is one of our most important American traditions. It was amazing to see so many of our friends and neighbors joining in this tradition and supporting our campaign. Thank you to the volunteers who walked with us – we wouldn’t have a campaign without you!

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