11. May 2014 · Comments Off on Donna Walter for Colorado State House District 52 · Categories: Blog

The Colorado State Legislature is the body that creates, amends, and repeals the laws by which we live in this state. These laws influence everything from how education is administered in the state to how businesses are regulated to how you seek, receive, and pay for healthcare. In fact, the extent to which state laws are reaching into your life is increasing at a rapid pace.

Your district representative is your voice in that body. Between now and November, we invite you consider whether the state legislature is acting in the way you think is best for this state. If we continue on the present course, will Colorado be all that you hope it will be for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren? Will it continue to be a place of opportunity and adventure? Will Colorado always be recognized for being a lofty peak of freedom and liberty in our great nation?

We invite you take a serious look at your candidates. Examine Donna Walter’s experience and passion for serving her neighbors in Colorado. If you agree with Donna that we should work for common sense solutions that respect ALL Coloradans, then join us in supporting Donna as our next representative for House District 52 in the Colorado State House of Representatives.