22. October 2014 · Comments Off on Representative Brian Delgrosso Endorses Donna Walter · Categories: Endorsements

I am honored to have received the endorsement of Representative Brian Delgrosso.

Among our greatest need in the Colorado House of Representatives is leaders who are willing to stand up for the rights of individuals against the special interests who strive to push their agendas into public policy. We need representatives who will uphold and defend the Constitution of United States of America by the way they serve in their offices. We need public servants who recognize that every penny spent by the government comes from the purses and wallets of someone who had to work to earn it. We need men and women who will treat the call to serve in public office as the sacred trust that it is. Donna Walter is just such a woman, and I endorse her as State Representative for Colorado House District 52.

— Representative Brian Delgrosso, Colorado House Minority Leader