About Donna Walter

Donna Walter

Mother, Grandmother, Experienced

My name is Donna Walter. I am running for Colorado State House of Representatives, District 53, which covers north Fort Collins. Like you, I am concerned that state lawmakers have stopped listening. They’re in a bubble where they listen only to each other. We need lawmakers who can solve problems and who will put first things first. I have 29 years of experience, working at the capitol, helping to draft legislation, fighting for legislation, and fighting for our rights against overpowerful special interests at the capitol.

Colorado has been the wonderful place I call home. As a legislator, I will ensure that Colorado remains the terrific place that brought my family here in the first place. I’ve served in the natural wellness field for 35 years. I’m a Board Certified Naturopathic Clinician. Family is important to me. I was a single mother for a number of years. I was helped by various government programs until I was able to support myself and my son. I have two grandsons and my father was a disabled WWII veteran. I served in a medical mission program and continue to support various community projects and agencies.

Let’s put first things first

I am asking Republicans, Democrats, and independents to send a Republican to the capitol who will listen, set priorities, and solve problems. Colorado Democrat politicians have abandoned liberal values: free speech, due process, privacy, the Bill of Rights. I fight for these values that we fought so hard for in the 1960’s. They’ve abandoned protecting jobs and families. I fight for these values. They’ve abandoned traditional progressive values, like good government, transparency, and accountability. I fight for these values.

Our future and our families are at stake. Colorado faces serious problems: poverty, homelessness, addiction, suicide. These grow worse, every day. When these problems exploded in California, many said, “It can’t happen here.” When these problems were growing in Denver, many said, “It can’t happen, here.” It’s happening, here, and getting worse.

State lawmakers ignore serious problems or are blinded by ideology. They ignore proof that homelessness is mostly mental illness and addiction. Their solution: build subsidized housing that enriches developers. Costly real estate development is no treatment for mental illness. They’re literally copying the California policies that have people dying in the streets. Compassion and caring have been replaced with moral grandstanding and hashtags. Enough is enough.

It’s up to us

People are crying for solutions, “What are we going to do?” They blame Washington when solutions are closer to home. They vote for colors ("Vote blue no matter who") instead of candidates and solutions. They blame men or white privilege, even blaming masculinity for soaring suicide rates). Enough is enough.

The solution begins with a single step: each of us must own part of the solution. How? Put down ideologies that blind us. Let go of media-driven hate. We open our eyes (to see the truth) and our ears (to listen to each other). We open our hearts (so others matter to us). We face the truth that we all fail together unless we make a change.

I am asking for your support so we can honestly solve our serious growing problems: poverty, failing schools, addiction, suicide, and needless human suffering. We have to speak the truth: solutions may start with your ballot but don’t end there. (That’s clearly a failed strategy.) We have to set priorities (put first things first), focus on practical solutions (not symbolic gestures), practice accountability, and renew our values: freedom and opportunity.

I’m not a career politician but the halls of the state Capitol are familiar to me. I’ve spent many hours working with lawmakers as a volunteer citizen advocate to champion the rights of citizens. I understand how the legislature works, and I know how to make a difference there.

I look forward to serving you.