BlogMemorial Day: Let’s fight for what others died for

2020-05-25by Donna Walter

I would say happy Memorial Day, except that Memorial Day isn’t a happy day. It’s a solemn day. This is the day we honor our war dead.  I like to think that they died for something, something greater than themselves. They deserve honor.


There’s another group of people who don’t get a day of honor. Those are the people we forget.  We started our campaign to help those people:

  • whose jobs are being destroyed,
  • the young people that our schools forget.

We said they’re turning to addiction & suicide. Well, that’s the good old days compared to these pandemic lock downs.


Yes, lets honor our war dead by honoring what they fought and died for.  Let’s honor freedom, liberty, our constitution.  Let’s honor the young people who sacrificed their futures. They sacrificed their futures so that we would have a better future. We must honor them by protecting the future they died for: one of personal liberty and economic opportunity.


“Follow me,” that’s the motto of our US Army rangers.  That was the motto of the young men who fought and died on Normandy Beach, who faced constant death in deserts and jungles, across the globe.  “Follow me”, that’s the motto of leaders willing to fight for what’s right.

Then, follow me, in the fight for our freedoms, our liberties, and our futures. We need your help in this fight to fix things because things won’t fix themselves.  Please, join our fight.  Donate to our campaign, at

Thank you,
Dr. Donna Walter
Republican Candidate for Colorado House District 52