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2020-06-22by Donna Walter

It’s time to go back to the future. In the movie by that name, the hero time travels back in time to fix things. In the sequel, he does it again, to save his children. Now, we have to do the same: we have to save the past to save the future. If we don’t, our children’s sequel will be tyranny.

Our news media show us mobs trying to erase the past. They’re tearing down statues even of people who fought to end slavery.

  • These mobs don’t know history.
  • They know its importance, though.
  • Who controls the past controls the future.
  • Who controls the present controls the past.

Protect the Future

We don’t have to defend the past but we must remember it and learn from it, so we can protect the future for our children:

  • Let’s protect free speech, worship, and peaceful assembly.
  • Let’s restore the core duties of government: protecting life, liberty, and opportunity – the pursuit of happiness.
  • Let’s honor the sacrifices of our veterans who fought and died for these ideas.

My opponent, Cathy Kipp, is with the mob.

  • She sponsored a police reform bill that would’ve destroyed¬† public safety.
  • We need law enforcement.
  • They protect life, liberty, and property.
  • She doesn’t think of our children’s future.

Unmask Colorado

We’re fighting for the future.¬† We’re organizing for action:

  • We’ve set up a group at for Unmask Colorado.
  • Colorado Strong is a new social network for the center-right.
  • It’s new and a work-in-progress.
  • It’s job is to bypass tech censorship.
  • Our friends there are setting it up to connect to major social media platforms.

It offers a way to organize, communicate, and share, much like other social media platforms, including emails.

We’re on the approach to Unmask Colorado.

  • We’re finishing formalities and legwork to bring action to end mask mandates.
  • This fight is key. They know it. They need fear.
  • Our opponents know we’re coming. They’ve been ramping up their mask messaging.
  • This is a fight we must fight.
  • Please sign up at to follow, and invite others to join.

There is strength in numbers.¬† That’s the crowd immunity we need, right now.

Please join the fight and support our campaign at