EndorsementsBen Aste: a Larimer County Commissioner We Can Trust

2020-06-17by markpatlan

ben asteI am happy to endorse Ben Aste for Larimer County Commissioner.

I’m endorsing Ben Aste because I know he’ll really stand up for us in a crisis. He stands for responsible government that protects our rights, our property, our families, our values, and our prosperity – our futures. I know he’ll do that.

These are unprecedented times. Pandemic lockdowns have devastated the economy. We face a terrible unemployment crisis and exploding social problems. What kind of leader do we look to in a disaster?

We need strong leaders, principled leaders who are dedicated to liberty, family, faith, and freedom. That is Ben Aste. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leaders. That is Ben Aste.

Ben Aste is the model of public service. He’s long served the community, helping veterans and families in fires and floods. During the pandemic lock downs, he helped organize small businesses to share information and resources to weather disaster. He’s successfully managed his own business for decades, with a reputation for integrity, honesty, and fair dealing. He keeps his promises. He’s dedicated to family and faith. He delivers results.

Our state government in Denver is a catastrophe. This pandemic is a catastrophe. Larimer County cannot be a catastrophe. Ben Aste is our best bet to avoid catastrophe. He’ll help keep Larimer County government lawful and just.

Ben holds controversial ideas: liberty, free speech, the right to assemble peacefully, the right to worship, due process, private property. I know he has the courage to fight for these controversial ideas. Some people are trying to erase them. I absolutely know that Ben will fight to protect them.

This is easy for me: please, vote for Ben Aste for Larimer County Commissioner. You can trust him to look out for you, your family, and your future.