HealthPublic health isn’t public shaming

2020-06-13by Donna Walter

Public health is so important.  Responsible public health protects health and safety. Irresponsible public health and reckless politicians endanger health and safety by undermining public trust in public health.

That’s why I oppose SB-163 (“School Entry Immunization”). It politicizes public health and attacks privacy rights of parents and children.

Public shaming

We must protect the privacy rights of parents and children. This bill requires that parents who refuse any childhood vaccination be forced into online reeducation and registration in a public database.

  • Can you imagine a public database of those infected with HIV/AIDS?
  • A database of those infected with HPV, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea or syphilis? STD’s?

We’d never do that – for actual infections of transmissible disease. Yet, SB-163 does just that – for refusing a single vaccination.  This isn’t public health.  It’s public shaming.


We have no Colorado vaccination crisis to justify SB-163’s reeducation mandate.

  • State vaccination numbers lagged because of pandemic fear.
  • Parents were scared by public health officials, themselves.

This politicization of public health erodes public trust in public health. This bill is driven by politics, not public health. I would vote no.

Shame on Fort Collins lawmakers for exploiting fear and opposing privacy and personal rights of parents and children:

Good ideas don’t require force.  Please, support our campaign for families’ rights, at