HealthPandemicUnmasking Colorado is absolutely right

2020-06-08by Donna Walter

We’re continuing our fight to unmask Colorado:

  • The science says masks are symbolic.
  • That makes them speech.
  • The state can’t tell us what to say.
  • The state can’t force us to scare each other to death.

Unmasking is absolutely right

Free speech is an absolute right,

  • Says the federal judge said who banned Denver police from using tear gas on protestors.
  • “People have an absolute right to demonstrate and protest the actions of governmental officials,” the judge said, citizens “should never have to fear peaceful protest”.
  • “Indeed, irreparable harm has already occurred in the form of physical injury and the suppression of speech,” the judge ordered, “there is no reason such harm would not otherwise continue if this relief were denied.”

A First Amendment that absolutely protects protests also protects:

  • The right to assemble,
  • The right to worship, and
  • Protects against compelled speech.

Time to lead

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” that’s what our opponents say. How do we answer? We say that crisis demands leaders willing to lead.

  • In times of crisis, good leaders keep their heads while everybody around them is losing theirs.
  • People are losing their minds because of fear.
  • Let’s lead them out of fear.

Make no mistake, these masks are symbols of fear. Science doesn’t support them. So, that’s all they are.

Fear itself

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” has been replaced with “We have nothing but fear itself“. Enough, already. It’s time to act.

  • Tyrants rule by fear.
  • Take away the mask, take away the fear.
  • Masks are their Achilles heel.

We’re calling on state authorities from public health to law enforcement to stand down on mask enforcement. Each of us must do our part.

Gov. Polis can’t coerce private businesses to enforce compelled speech.

  • He authorized businesses to deny service to people who refuse to wear masks.
  • Could he authorize businesses to deny service to people who refuse to wear political symbols or religious insignia? No.
  • He can’t do this because masks are a political symbol.
  • How much choice do businesses have when the governor holds the sword of “emergency powers” over their heads? Very little. This is coercion.

We’re leading in this fight to protect our constitution and our way of life. We’re preparing litigation and legislation to help put us back on the right track.

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