PandemicHealth experts demonstrate masks aren’t necessary

2020-07-12by Donna Walter

Justice is drawing near on the mask mandates. After much delay, we finally expect to file suit to strike down Fort Collins mask mandates. Our hats are off to Douglas County leaders for opting out of the Tri-County Health mask mandate.

That mandate (so-called) supports our case against mask mandates.  How? It wasn’t a mandate, at all. They claimed that an emergency requires the mask mandate, except they didn’t make it mandatory and they delayed it for two weeks:

  • Opt-out means optional.
  • Mandatory cannot be optional.
  • Optional cannot be “necessary”.
  • Tri-County health ignored the data and the doctors.

The data doesn’t support an emergency. The curve is flattened. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

  • We need to restore public trust in public health.
  • Many of those ICU patients are the fear-stricken who delayed seeking urgently needed critical care.
  • We need to fight for case law that protects us in the future.

Maybe you like the “new normal”. During the lock downs, they destroyed our food supply – eggs, dairy, meat. They trampled our civil rights. It looked the Soviet Union. Enough.

We’re fighting. Join the fight.