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It’s time to unmask Colorado.  Unmask the rioters.  Unmask law-abiding free people so we can live and work. These masks do more harm than good. They serve neither public health nor public safety. It’s time to restore order and unmask Colorado. We must restore our constitutional order (free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion) and...


I would say happy Memorial Day, except that Memorial Day isn’t a happy day. It’s a solemn day. This is the day we honor our war dead.  I like to think that they died for something, something greater than themselves. They deserve honor. Remembrance There’s another group of people who don’t get a day of...


Our boys need our help Education policies to help girls are successful, but they left our boys behind. Boys education outcomes have fallen for decades. The costs: despair, substance abuse, addiction, suicide. The education establishment ignores the problem. It’s time to take action. Donna Walter will take action for our boys futures.