Public education is broken

I’m a mother and grandmother who understands our families' education challenges. Our broken education system is failing us. It's failing students. It's failing parents. It's failing society. It’s our responsibility to fix it.

Education is failing students

Public education is failing our students. Students suffered learning loss during the pandemic. Boys education outcomes suffered for years before the pandemic, causing an epidemic of despair, addiction, and suicide. Now, boys compete in girls athletics.

Girls must fear sexual assault in K-12 bathrooms because confused Biden Democrats can't tell "man" from "woman".

Public education is failing parents. Colorado parents need transparency, not Poudre school district deceiving parents. The district worked with queer theory activists to deceive students into transgender "grooming" disguised as "art club". They told students, "don't tell your parents".

Teachers unions put students last when they put politics first. That's why parents want choice.

Parents Bill of Rights

I'll fight for a Parents Bill of Rights that protects choice and transparency.

Parents rights

Parents and students deserve education choices. Choice helps parents find schools that work best for their children's needs. Choice helps parents find schools that teach reading, math, and science, not fringe activism. Let’s put students first by putting parents first.

Reimagine Secondary Education

Colorado must provide affordable quality higher education, as well as access to vocational and job skills training. Let's put higher education on a better path where higher education respects students' fundamental rights.

Student Debt Crisis

Let's put higher education on a better path. Let's emphasize academics, not ideological fads. Let's put Coloradans first, not out-of-state residents. Our universities share blame in the student debt crisis. Let's fix it.

Students Bill of Rights

Public universities must respect students' individual liberties, including free speech and due process.

Universities that don't protect free speech don't deserve public support. There is no academic freedom without free speech.

Universities that don't protect due process don't deserve public support. Students accused of wrongdoing deserve due process. Jared Polis (D) is wrong. Guilty until proven innocent is wrong.

This is why I'll fight for a Students Bill of Rights to protect students' individual liberties.