I’m a mother and grandmother who understands the education challenges that our families face. Our broken education system is failing us, with lifetime consequences. It’s our responsibility to fix it.

Primary Education

We must ensure that public education works for all families. Education must work for families in urban areas, rural areas, and our suburbs. It must work for girls and boys alike. It must work for the gifted and talented, those with special needs, and all children in between.

We’ve made great progress in girls education. Boys education outcomes have suffered for years. The result is terrible: despair, addiction, suicide. Enough is enough.

Good teachers make a difference. We must attract, retain, and reward good teachers. Lawmakers say this but don’t act like it. They vote down laws that would reward good teachers. That’s wrong.


Parents and students deserve education choices. Education is not one size fits all. Choices help parents find schools that work best for their children. State lawmakers and many school districts oppose parental choice. Let’s put students first.

I’ll work with parents to put students first. It’s clear that lawmakers don’t. They don’t listen to parents, anymore. They seem to live in a bubble. I will listen. I am listening. This isn’t about me. It’s about you – your family, your children, and their real world success.

Secondary Education

Colorado must provide affordable quality higher education, as well as access to vocational and job skills training. We must put higher education on a better path. Higher education must respect our fundamental rights. To make it better, we have to speak the truth.

Student Debt Crisis

We must put higher education on a better path. We must emphasize academics over athletics and passing ideological fads. We must put Colorado first before selling seats to out-of-state residents. Our universities share blame in the student debt crisis. It’s our responsibility to fix it.

Students Bill of Rights

Higher education must respect our fundamental rights, including free speech and due process. Today, some university officials put ideology before free speech. This is wrong and risks expensive lawsuits. All students deserve real due process when accused of wrongdoing. Guilty until proven innocent is wrong. It’s our responsibility to fix it.