Election Integrity

Consent of the governed requires election integrity

Election integrity is a deal-breaker. There is no consent of the governed without election integrity.

No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.- Abraham Lincoln

Election fraud supplants “democracy” with tyranny. Everybody (not Republicans only) must stand up for election integrity because the alternative is surrender to tyranny.

We need leadership, not cowardice.

Say its name: election fraud

Election fraud is real. Politicians (Democrat and Republican) may deny or minimize it, but right and left know it's a problem:

Colorado entrusts election oversight to erratic hyper-partisan, Jena Griswold (D). Griswold identifies as a former lawyer for the Obama campaign, whose notorious corruption included the ACORN voter fraud scandal.

Trust the election “experts”?

Griswold smears opponents with “Big Lie” accusations, but her “Big Lie” is that she’s “saving democracy”.

Stalin: the people who count the votes decide an election.
  • Obama/ACORN. Griswold boasts of working for a proven corrupt political campaign.
  • Voter rolls. Griswold endlessly fights against cleaning up voter rolls.
  • Signatures. Griswold illegally rewrote election rules (slapped down by Colo. Supreme Court).
  • Non-citizens. Griswold solicited non-citizens to vote (2020 and 2022).

Griswold’s controversies only made her more paranoid and extreme.

  • Repression. Griswold tried to criminalize county clerks from investigating election security/accuracy, granting supreme power to Griswold, herself (a bill sponsored by GOP turncoat Sen. Kevin Priola).
  • Surveillance. Griswold demanded money for “security” to monitor and investigate social media accounts (i.e., unmask and doxx online critics).

That’s not what “saving democracy” looks like.

No middle ground

With election integrity, there is no middle ground. You fight for it or you lose it and surrender to tyranny.

Willful blindness won’t protect us from what all see coming (left and right): economic misery, social unrest, and rising authoritarianism.

The New Normal game clock is running.

Leadership leads

Republican leaders must lead, follow, or get out of the way. That’s why:

  • I’m standing up for election integrity.
  • I’m fighting to represent the people of north Fort Collins, in Colorado House, District 53.

The Colorado GOP cannot follow the California GOP into permanent minority party status (“controlled opposition”). We must hold leaders accountable (national, state, county, and local). Defector Sen. Kevin Priola (R)(D) (who sponsored Griswold’s attempted power grab), proves how “go along to get along” feckless leaders betray you.

Do your part

That’s why you have to do your part. There’s too much on the line. You must get involved.

I will never surrender in my fight for the people of Colorado. #FamilyFreedomFuture