We need energy, now

We need common sense energy policy and we need it now. We need to end the Biden-Polis war on energy. Coloradans deserve reliable, affordable energy.

Common sense

We need common sense energy policy, now. The bottom line is that our lives depend on energy, period, full stop. Without reliable and affordable energy, we're headed for unrest, chaos, and martial law. Common sense suggests we rely on our abundant natural resources, not on things that don't exist, like imaginary technologies and non-existent infrastructure. Common sense suggests not selling our oil reserves to China (firms tied to Hunter Biden).

End the war on energy

We must end the Biden-Polis war on energy. Our energy crisis is the direct result of bad policy and crony capitalism.

Their plan to end fossil fuels is unrealistic because it forces us into non-existent alternatives. Gov. Polis's 100% renewable plans are 100% unrealistic (a 100% money-grab we can't afford).

  • California and Texas blackouts showed how unreliable renewables are. (Common sense: sometimes the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow.)
  • Their electric vehicle dreams are unrealistic because the vehicles are too unaffordable (hence, little demand), we lack generation capacity, and the power grid is inadequate.
  • Their plans replace energy dependence on Russian oil with energy dependence on China for rare earths (battery manufacture) and slave labor (solar manufacture).

Private equity "green" robber barons put return on capital first (not climate or the "current thing"). That's why they ignore clean alternatives like natural gas and nuclear (that Europe is returning to because of Ukraine). We need more energy alternatives, not fewer.

Reliable, affordable energy

Coloradans deserve reliable, affordable energy.

  • Let's make the Public Utilities Commission protect consumers, again. (Gov. Polis's PUC protects utility profits while our power becomes more expensive and unreliable.)
  • Let's reimagine costly, ineffective energy programs that raise rates but have zero effect on climate because state emissions are so low they could be cut to zero and have no effect because they are miniscule on a global scale.
  • Let's ensure our energy portfolio provides reliable, affordable energy for Coloradans.

Common sense (and humanity) tell us you don't impoverish working people and the middle class. Clearly, only some must choose between energy and food. (We're "all in this, together"? Not quite.)

  • Is this a lack of common sense?
  • A lack of caring for common people?

Either way, I'll exercise common sense and common decency in Colorado energy policy.