Common sense

Our health and safety require environmental policy that values our lives. Let's protect Colorado's beautiful natural environment. We need common sense air quality policy. We need climate policy based on reason, not panic. Let's put Coloradans' health and safety first, not hedge funds, private equity, and political donors.


We have to protect Colorado's beautiful natural environment.

  • Forests. Let's manage forests to mitigate wildfires.
  • Water. Colorado water has limits that is a natural limit on growth. Let's conserve and protect our shared water resources.


We need common sense air quality policy. Air quality threatens our health and lives. Gov. Polis's growth policies worsen air quality and quality of life.


1989 global warming claimed we'd be dead by year 2000.

We need climate policy based on reason, not panic. Climate policy concerns energy and food production critical to human life.

  • Energy is essential to health and safety, from air-conditioning to refrigeration, transportation, and everything most of our lives depend on.
  • Food is obviously necessary for survival.

Ukraine has Europe turning to coal and nuclear. China and India are adding coal-fired plants to survive and avoid societal collapse. It's common sense.

Net zero effect

On a global scale, Colorado emissions have net zero effect. Yet, Gov. Polis (D) and Democrat lawmakers slap us with costly "green" measures that have zero effect on climate. That's higher costs for no benefit. Post-pandemic Colorado is facing recession and rampant inflation, and can't afford this.

Biden and Polis's net zero climate policy (100 percent renewable by 2040) defies reality and common sense. (When Gov. Polis says "bold climate action", he means plunder.) Today, the reality is that 100 percent renewable is impossible. Common sense policy weighs costs against benefits. Their policies drove up energy prices before Ukraine and drive costs ever higher to benefit donors and investors.

Wind and solar seemed like good ideas but are unreliable and environmentally harmful. Sometimes, the sun doesn't shine (or shines too much) and the wind doesn't blow (or blows too much). Solar depends on slave labor and child labor, incinerates birds, and threatens to poison our groundwater.

Wind power may be less dirty than solar but kills 573,000 birds, annually, and its massive "forever" windmill blades are a waste disposal problem far worse than plastic bags. California and Texas showed us how unreliable renewables are.

Your life depends on it

Our lives depend on reliable, affordable energy. We can't rely on unreliable power grid and non-existent technology.

  • Renewables are unreliable.
  • Clean, economic battery storage doesn't exist.

It's that simple. If we're concerned about saving society and the planet from an existential crisis, then we should invest in clean abundant natural gas and nuclear.