We need common sense environmental policy. We must put facts before fear. We must put Colorado first, not special interests.


We need common sense air quality policy. Air quality threatens our health and lives. Yet, state government is playing games with air quality. The governor’s growth policies are worsening air quality with unchecked growth that causes traffic congestion and worsens air quality. Meanwhile, the governor has put us on the hook for out-of-state polluters – including China. We pay the costs but where are the benefits? Why are lawmakers putting our lives and health for sale?


We need common sense climate policy that puts facts before fear. Colorado could reduce CO2 emissions to zero and have no measurable effect on global CO2. Common sense says lawmakers shouldn’t impose unreasonable costs on us that will have no effect. Why are they?

State lawmakers are putting special interests before Colorado residents. Just like California, special interests will profit at our expense, from utilities (who profit off infrastructure investment) to Wall Street (who profit off financing infrastructure) to Silicon Valley (who profit off solar manufacturing), as well as China (the world’s leading solar manufacturer). You pay for it all – higher rates and a higher cost of living (like California), for no benefit.

Common sense climate policy weighs costs against benefits. We have to balance the benefits of renewable energy (wind, solar) against the environmental costs. Technologies that offer clean energy are dirty to manufacture and dispose of. Batteries contain toxic heavy metals and cause enormous environmental degradation and health threats.

Our responsibilities to each other and the planet include the responsibilities to speak the truth and behave responsibly.