Family, Freedom, Future


I'm fighting to help our families. The governor continues destroying business, jobs, and opportunity. He's causing great social harm. We're all in this together?

I'll protect families, businesses and jobs. The governor played the "non-essential" business game before the pandemic. He has favorites and picks and chooses. I'll check those abuses.

  • We'll reopen and rebuild so families can thrive.
  • We'll reopen schools for children and parents.
  • We'll reopen our businesses so people can work.

We'll value families.


I'm fighting to protect our freedom. Government is eroding freedoms:

  • Free speech and assembly,
  • Gun ownership,
  • Privacy,
  • Freedom of worship,
  • Due process, and more.

When do we get our freedoms back?

We get our freedoms back when we stand and fight for them. I'll fight to protect our freedoms. I'll never surrender my freedoms or yours.


I'm fighting for our future. We enjoyed freedom and opportunity. What future will our children enjoy?

  • Government devastated the economy.
  • That is lasting harm that destroys lives and opportunities.
  • Government is eroding freedom.
  • Those freedoms are lost unless we fight for them.

Does it feel like nobody is fighting for our future? I am fighting.

We can win, together. Let's give hope to the next generation.