Freedom is on the ballot

Freedom is on the ballot

We face one of the most important elections in our nation's history. Nobody voted for Biden to lead us into world war. We are already facing global economic collapse. Tyrants exploit crisis. That's why the pandemic stuck us in permanent emergency. It's now or never: build firewalls to protect life and liberty.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Nobody voted for world war

Nobody voted for Biden, in deep cognitive decline, to lead us into world war with Russia and China (a year after his Afghanistan debacle). World war threatens global economic collapse and famine. Maybe, the Pentagon is right about "winnable" nuclear war, but our next "New Normal" looks like martial law.


Biden is leading us into war with nuclear-armed Russia. The west sabotaged April 2022 peace talks, taking peace off the table. Last week, Nordstream pipeline sabotage escalated conflict with a nuclear power.

Putin was the aggressor in the Ukraine war - after Ukraine abandoned the Minsk Accords. Russia knows the west has long planned war to destroy Russia (part of "Wolfowitz Doctrine"), the same way Bush/Cheney destroyed Iraq (based on false WMD claims) and Obama/Hillary/NATO destroyed Libya.


Biden is leading us into conflict with nuclear-armed China. Our economy and lives dangerously depend on China, from energy to medicine. Yet, Biden recklessly provokes Chinese conflict.

Biden pledged military support to Taiwan, abandoning "One China Policy". Experts call this a provocation.

Pelosi's Taiwan trip was deliberate provocation.

The US and our AUKUS allies conducted joint naval operations in the South China Sea. Now, China and Russia conduct joint naval operations off Alaska. But China can annihilate our economy using economic warfare - no kinetic warfare or nuclear weapons needed.


Economic crisis

The global economy is in crisis. Globally, a growing consensus (left and right) agree that the Great Reset is real (no "conspiracy theory"). Biden crushed our struggling economy with inflation ("Biden's trillions") and his war on energy. Europe is collapsing under Russia self-sanctions, triggering inflationary bailouts.

EU struggles to print money to pay for energy.

Germany is collapsing, industry crippled, German families facing a record cold winter of firewood shortages, and affordable energy destroyed with Nordstream. Crisis contagion is spreading.

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Permanent emergency powers

Western institutions failed in the pandemic. The pandemic showed us how tyrants exploit crisis to power grab and trample civil liberties, even in western liberal democracies (from the US to Europe and Australia).

Democrat leaders abused emergency powers the worst, from New York to Colorado (where Polis (D) destroyed 43% of our small businesses) to California (where Newsom (D) vetoed September 2022 attempts to end his emergency powers). Biden also clings to emergency powers (but said the pandemic is over) and commands politically weaponized federal law enforcement. This is what permanent emergency looks like.

Pandemic emergency power abuses were bad, but martial law is far worse. Biden can't (legally) declare martial law (where military law and authority supplants civilian law and authority). Governors (Polis) can declare martial law, granting the governor virtual dictatorial powers - no checks and balances. Colorado Democrats killed attempts to limit the governor's emergency powers, in 2022. Democrat leaders are out of control. We need firewalls against tyranny.

Build the firewalls

Our founders gave us the tools we need to firewall tyranny, including federalism: dividing power between a federal government of limited powers and the states (and the people).

Prepare firewalls to protect life and liberty

The firewalls are simple:

  • Elect Congressional officials who will guard against executive tyranny.
  • Elect state officials who will guard against federal tyranny.
  • Elect county officials who will guard against state tyranny.
  • Elect local officials who will guard against county tyranny.

This means you must vote Republican, top-to-bottom. The Democrats had their chance in the pandemic. They failed badly. They called you non-essential, destroyed the economy, and trampled civil liberties. Our lives are at stake. We can't afford their unserious fools and failures.

Vote Republican like life and liberty depend on it, because they do.