Reopen, Rebuild, Renew


Please join our fight to reopen Colorado.

  • Reopen schools for our children and families.
  • Reopen our economy, so our families can provide for themselves.


Please join our fight to rebuild Colorado.


Please join our fight to renew the promise of freedom and opportunity.

  • Freedom. The governor and allied governors have trampled our freedoms. We get our freedoms back when we stand and fight for them. I am fighting to restore and protect our freedoms.
  • Opportunity. The governor and unelected bureaucrats don't get to decide what businesses and jobs are "essential" and "non-essential". They destroy families' futures. I am fighting so this never happens, again.

Give our children hope for the future. We must restore and protect freedom and opportunity to give them hope.

  • Generations of Americans fought and died so we'd enjoy freedom and opportunity.
  • It's our turn to fight.