Why don’t Colorado lawmakers put roads first? I will.

Put Roads First

State lawmakers always break their promises to put roads first. Why? It’s because voters fall for the same old tricks, again and again.

Voters defeated the governor’s deceptive tax hike, Proposition CC. Voters didn’t fall for it, this time. It’s a good thing, because it was another trick. During that campaign, we learned that when they said, “roads”, they meant bike lanes and commuter rail, not road repair.

Let’s put critical transportation infrastructure first: roads. Let’s not repeat California’s costly rail mistakes. Their Governor Jerry Brown sold them high speed rail as a solution to road congestion. This $33 billion boondoggle went $44+ billion over budget and fell 13 years behind schedule before leaving them with little but debt.

Let’s face it: roads aren’t sexy. Fixing roads won’t get lawmakers’ names on a plaque that nobody cares bout but them. We have to put first things first. If lawmakers won’t put roads first, tell them to hit the road.