Back to School Time!

Back to School Time!

It’s back to school time, again! Education shapes the future for our children, our community, our state, our nation, and our world. That’s how important it is! We’re all responsible for making that future better. Let’s make schools listen to parents and put students first!

Public Education is Broken

Let’s fix our broken public education system. I’m a mother and grandmother who understands our families' education challenges. Our broken education system is failing students, parents, and society. It’s our responsibility to fix it.

learning loss is urgent

Pandemic learning loss is a disaster (that’s worse for girls). The harm can’t be understated. We have to address it because the alternative is a worse epidemic of failure, despair, addiction, and suicide. As your representative, I’ll listen to you and set priorities to address the learning loss calamity.

Parents Rights

I’ll fight for a Parents Bill of Rights that protects choice and transparency. Parents and students deserve education choices. Choice helps parents find schools that work best for their children's needs, schools that teach reading, math, and science, not fringe activism.

school counselors ask what is white

Transparency ensures that parents can make informed choices for their children without school secrecy. Let’s put students first by putting parents first.

Act Locally: Get Involved!

Let’s put students first and take action. Please donate to support this campaign, so I can fight for you in the Colorado House.

we the people

Another thing you can do is to attend school board meetings and make your voices heard! Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, may label parents “domestic terrorists” for speaking out at school board meetings, but it’s still, “We the People”!

poudre school district events

You don’t need students enrolled in Poudre School District to attend Board of Education meetings. Let’s join together to support young families, protect children from fringe activism, and focus schools on serving students.

The future is ours to make. Let’s join together and make a better future for our families. #FamilyFreedomFuture