Back to the Future


We have to save the past to save the future. We've seen rioting mobs try to erase the past. They tore down statues of people who fought to end slavery.



These mobs don't know history but do know how important it is. They want to control the past to control the future.

Protect the Future

We don't have to defend the past but must remember it and learn from it. We protect our children's futures by protecting our heritage.

  • Protect the Bill of Rights: free speech, worship, peaceful assembly, self defense, privacy, due process, equal protection.
  • Protect government's core duties: protect life, liberty, property.
  • Honor our veterans who fought and died for these values.

My opponent, Cathy Kipp, is with the mob.

  • She sponsored a police reform bill that would've destroyed public safety.
  • We need law enforcement.
  • They protect life, liberty, and property.

She doesn't think of our children's future.