DORA v. Free Speech

DORA v. Free Speech

I am a Board Certified Naturopathic Clinician. That's a fact. Yet, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has tried to criminally punish me for exercising free speech and stating that fact on my campaign website. During the pandemic, DORA tried to punish free speech by healthcare providers who questioned government narratives, mandates, and restrictions. We need limits on DORA to prevent abuse and weaponization.

Out-of-state money

I am a Board Certified Naturopathic Clinician. Colorado lawmakers joined with out-of-state lobbying and pharmaceutical interests to regulate Colorado naturopaths. They used DORA to destroy my business and livelihood by denying me the right to practice in Colorado. They ended my career and business. So, I retired, and no longer practice.

Criminalizing Free Speech

In 2021, DORA demanded that my political campaign website remove the words "Board Certified Naturopathic Clinician" and referred me for criminal prosecution for stating this objective fact. While DORA has Constitutionally-limited authority to regulate commercial speech, it has no authority to regulate political speech. I am standing up against the speech police.

Political weaponization and abuse

Using a political campaign website as a basis to criminalize speech is evidence of political weaponization. Sadly, I am not alone. During the pandemic, DORA was increasingly used as a weapon against healthcare providers and others who dissented from political anti-science public health narratives, mandates, and restrictions. In one case, DORA even harassed a Christian chiropractor on the basis of anonymous complaints by avowedly anti-religious bigots. That's just wrong.

Good government reform

DORA needs reform. I will put limits on DORA to help curb its weaponization and abuse. DORA serves a legitimate purpose.

  • DORA works for us, not we for it.
  • The state works for us, not we for it.

State agencies must not be abused and weaponized against political dissenters. I will strengthen the public's hand to curb DORA abuse. Good government demands no less.