Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July, 2022! Today, we celebrate the birth of our nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to ... you know, the thing.

Pres. Biden (D) may have forgotten but we remember the meaning of this day. Today, marks the birth of our nation's experiment in liberty. It's also the anniversary of Gettysburg, the bloody turning point of the Civil War that saved the union.

Protect our inheritance of liberty

We remember the sacrifices made to secure our liberties. Generations fought and died for our liberties. We honor their sacrifice.

Their sacrifices were not in vain. We honor them by fighting for the freedoms they paid for.

Democrat leaders have forgotten

The woke Democrats hate July 4 or forgot what it means.


In times of trouble, these people can't be trusted with power.

Fight for a free future

This is why we fight. What future for our children? Wealth and power want to divide and conquer us while they sow economic ruin for "as long as it takes" to serve Blackrock's "Liberal World Order" (illiberal neoliberalism).

Please join us in our fight for our children's futures, so that future generations can enjoy the freedoms we've enjoyed, the freedoms secured by the sacrifices of brave heroes before us. Now, it is our turn to fight for freedom.