Justice so blind it can't define "woman"

Justice so blind it can't define "woman"

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) has been sworn in as the first Justice who can't define "woman". I wish this was a joke because it's a serious problem for women. It's serious because it causes worse problems in governing. Now is the time for serious leadership.

I am woman

In her confirmation hearings, KBJ couldn't define "woman". When asked, KBJ refused to answer because she is "not a biologist". I didn't graduate Harvard Law (like KBJ) and am not a biologist, but (like KBJ) I am a woman and have been one for my entire adult life. It's simple common sense.

A problem for women

It's a serious problem for women that woke Democrat leaders are unhinged, disconnected from reality. A Supreme Court Justice that can't define "woman" is a huge problem but is the tip of the iceberg. Joe Biden is demanding that K-12 public schools put boys in girls bathrooms or lose federal education funding. Biden appointed a man as first female four-star admiral of the public health service (who advocates dangerous transgender experiments on kids). Democrat woke fanatics cheer as men dominate women's sports.

The problem is real.

This is an attack on women. Girls shouldn't fear sexual assault in public school bathrooms. Yet, Biden's DOJ called parents domestic terrorists for wanting to protect girls. Parents shouldn't fear gender transitions at public schools kept secret from parents. Colorado's teachers shouldn't fear discipline for discussing the risks of transgender experiments on kids. The woke Democrats are erasing women - once again, the tip of the iceberg.

A problem governing

The woke ideology embraced by Biden, Polis, and Colorado Democrat leaders infects government with misplaced priorities. They undermine our justice system. These lawmakers' quasi-religious priorities make our lives worse.

Democrats' woke ideology undermines our justice system. Nobody can trust a justice system that can't define "woman" to protect women's rights. A court packed with woke fanatics would be lawless. People who deny their own bodies would surely deny the law. It's that simple.

Democrat party leaders make our lives worse because they put woke ideology first, above all else, including your life and family. While Bidenomics crushes us with inflation, baby formula shortages, and economic stagnation, they virtue signal. Crushed by inflation? Forced to choose between food and energy? No worries. My unelected opponent, Rep. Boesenecker (D), has you covered. He sponsored a bill to teach gender pronouns to healthcare providers (money you need wasted on woke word games). He doesn't represent you. He represents the Twitter fringe.

Time to get serious

Now is the time for serious leadership. I'll provide that leadership. Bidenomics put unprecedented economic storm clouds on the horizon. Our society fractured in the pandemic. Government trampled our rights and made things worse, causing the coming storm. This will be a much harder test. Now is not the time for unserious woke antics.

I'll provide leadership in the coming storm. I'll fight for your family, for freedom, and a better future. Please join us in fighting for a future of freedom.