Overdose oasis

Overdose Oasis

Gov. Polis (D) and Colorado Democrat leaders celebrate Colorado as a progressive "abortion oasis". Abortion will have to share the oasis with other progressive totems: crime, addiction, and overdoses. Progressives' bad laws have made Colorado worse, driven by bad ideology. It's time to vote them out.

Oasis of misery

Gov. Polis turned Colorado into a overdose oasis. In 2019, "justice reformer" Polis decriminalized fentanyl, with predictable results.

They turned an opioid crisis into an overdose crisis. This week, an infant died of a fentanyl overdose (another innocent victim of their failed drug policies).

While people died, Gov. Polis dodged responsibility ("who, me? dunno, ask sociologists") and his media enablers recommended that we "carry narcan".

From bad to worse

It should go without saying that bad laws make problems worse. Gov. Polis and state Democrat leaders pursued "justice reforms" that made things worse. The same woke ideology drove Biden's free crack pipes.

Biden solves inflation with free crack pipes

Their ideology drives lethal experiments in social engineering where results (lives and deaths) don't matter.

Hashtags make bad laws

Bad laws (often good intentioned) are made by lawmakers based on bad (ineffective, harmful) ideas. Polis and state Democrat leaders' "criminal justice reforms" (#CJReformNow!) are a disaster. Too much "reform" and too little "criminal justice" unleashed a crime wave. While the "reformers" sleep safely in affluent progressive enclaves, insulated from their failures, the pain is felt in lower income and minority areas (like the #DefundThePolice debacle).

Polis and state Democrat leaders value progressive hashtags and virtue signaling (to each other) above all else. Results don't matter to them. That's why Polis and Democrat lawmakers fought, kicking and screaming, against re-criminalizing fentanyl.

Their progressive social experiments #fail everywhere and always (but they refuse to see and don't learn).

Our lives matter

Everybody sees a dire economic crisis coming. Gov. Polis, unelected Rep. "Buzz" Boesenecker, and progressive state lawmakers are the wrong people with the wrong ideas at the wrong time. Their cures are worse than the disease. Their policies offer hashtags without practical solutions.

We have to act before the next crisis hits, and they make things worse: vote them out.