Let's regulate abortion

Let's regulate abortion.

It's time for common sense abortion regulation. Roe v. Wade was judicial error. The Supreme Court returned abortion to state regulation. (Dobbs. v. Jackson (2022)). Gov. Polis and Democrats prepared for this by passing the controversial Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) - one of the most extreme abortion laws on the planet. Still, violent destructive Democrat mobs have returned to the streets who oppose democracy and rule of law.

Roe v. Wade was judicial error

The consensus among legal experts was that Roe was an incorrect legal decision. "We must protect Roe v. Wade" was a political rallying cry, since 1973, precisely because everybody knew the decision was judicial error. Roe falsely created an individual right with no constitutional basis - to remove the issue from voters (anti-democracy). Roe is bad precedent no longer. Dobbs simply restored rule of law and democracy.

Abortion regulation is democracy

Dobbs did not outlaw abortion. It returned the abortion issue to the states for democratic lawmaking by the people's representatives. In our federal republic, state voters choose how to regulate abortion. You'd think abortion proponents would want a Colorado state constitution amendment to protect abortion.


Abortion extremism

Gov. Polis and Democrat lawmakers knew voters wouldn't approve state constitution amendment to protect full-term abortion (9 months pregnancy, for any reason). So, they passed a controversial statute, RHEA, that protects full-term abortion on demand (any reason). That's far outside international norms. How far? Totalitarian China and North Korea far. It shocks the conscience.

Democrat party leaders now follow woke radicalism, a fringe anti-science movement that can't define "woman" and believes in pregnant men.

These abortion radicals go far beyond Roe's abortion protections ("viability"). When they discard "viability", they discard human life.

Mob rule is anti-democracy

The Democrat party used Dobbs as this election's excuse for more election year political violence. In 2020, the Democrat party promoted the "Defund the Police" riots to help elect disastrous failure Pres. Joe Biden. Now, Democrat leaders hope inciting abortion violence will boost them in the midterm elections. That's anti-democracy.

After the Dobbs decision leak, Congressional Democrats incited mobs to intimidate Supreme Court justices and their families. They incited a failed assassination attempt against a sitting justice. Congressional J6 hucksters promote political violence even while they conduct sham "insurrection" show trials to "protect democracy".

Walk away from woke Democrats

This is why voters are walking away from the woke Democrat party.

  • The woke Democrats walked away from democracy because they distrust voters.
  • They've walked away from rule of law.
  • They've embraced political violence and intimidation of public officials (anti-democracy).
abortion is just a dem fund-raiser

Voters are walking away from woke Democrat hate that uses abortion, race, sex, and religion to divide-and-conquer, power grab, and distract from the Biden disaster:

  • Inflation. Bidenomics forces families to choose between food and energy while facing economic stagnation.
  • Shortages. Bidenomics worsened a supply chain crisis and created a baby formula crisis that threatens newborns' lives.
  • War. Biden and media sleepwalk us towards world war and global famine, and punish us with failed sanctions.

Walk towards a better future

You know that Biden and Biden Democrat, Gov. Polis, have lost their way when their platform is full-term abortion and censorship. That's not the way.

Walk away from the woke Democrat fanatics who think newborns are non-essentials. Join us to build a better future for our families while we still can.