Biden's Trickle Up Economics is Sinking Us

Biden's Trickle Up Economics is Sinking Us

A rising tide raises all boats but inflation is a boat anchor around our necks.

Pres. Biden (D) and the Biden Democrats are sinking the poor and middle class. Recently, Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” redistributed wealth upward. (Or was it a “climate equity bill” that redistributed wealth upward?)

inflation reduction act raises taxes and hires

Now, Biden’s legally questionable student loan debt cancellation transfers wealth upward - and makes college finances worse.

Help us to tackle higher ed reforms in our public universities.

Student loan forgiveness heist

Biden’s student loan cancellation scheme is a heist, Robin Hood in reverse (stealing from the poor, and giving to the rich).

It’s an expensive (probably illegal) election year stunt to buy votes and benefit Democrat donors (at our expense).

The student debt crisis exploded after Obama federalized student debt. Universities benefited as tuition skyrocketed (far in excess of inflation).

Biden's debt cancellation sticks us with the bill and invites more heists. Bidenomics only makes college finances worse, and does nothing to address the root causes of skyrocketing tuition.

Let’s reform higher education

Biden’s election year student loan heist is a teachable moment. Biden Democrats face judgment in the November elections. They’ll do anything to improve their chances, including throwing gasoline on the fire of inflation. So, we have to address the problem, at the state level.

Let’s reform higher education. Our public universities must deliver quality, affordable education to Coloradans. No public university should saddle students (including out-of-state students) with crippling debt that students have little hope of repaying (especially those with useless degrees somebody should’ve warned them about).

Colorado lawmakers must require our public universities to control costs. Let the universities determine how to reduce waste and focus resources on their primary mission: education.

Remember in November

Meanwhile, it doesn’t require a Ph.D. to see that Joe Biden is trying to buy votes paid for with inflation.

polis loves biden

This November, expel Democrats from government who are stealing food from our children’s mouths.