Unmask Colorado

Mask mandates are wrong


We are continuing our fight to unmask Colorado. Governor Polis' pandemic cures are worse than the disease, from lockdowns to curfews to mask orders.

For details on our federal civil rights suit against Gov. Polis and others, see here.

Masks are Harmful

Before the pandemic, science told us the risks associated with masks.

  • Infection. Studies tell us that forcing workers to wear cloth masks increases respiratory infections because mask moisture traps pathogens.
  • Breathing. The more effective a mask is, the more it restricts oxygen. This is especially harmful to children's developing brains (brain development that continues into early adulthood).

Masks are Ineffective

Science tells us:

  • Healthy uninfected people don't need masks because they're not infected.
  • Healthy asymptomatic people don't need masks because masks are ineffective at filtering the particles associated with a negligible risk.
  • Masks may reduce spread by infected symptomatic people because masks are more effective at filtering respiratory droplets.

Reason and common sense tell us:

  • Sick people should wear masks.
  • Forcing children and workers to wear masks is dangerous

These orders are anti-science.



Masks bring more fear than safety. Fear is the real killer. I'm fighting to lead traumatized people away from fear.

Fear itself

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" has been replaced with "We have nothing but fear" by Governor Polis and his cronies.

  • Lock downs caused countless stroke and heart attack deaths because people were afraid to get care.
  • Pandemic fear and catastrophe are causing soaring hopelessness, addiction, overdoses, and suicides.

Tyrants lead by fear. Government can't force us to scare each other to death.


This campaign is about leadership and courage. Remember, courage is as contagious as fear.

  • Leadership in the face of fear. Real leaders lead the fight when others are afraid.
  • Actions, not words. Real leaders walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

I'm fighting for you, now - not tomorrow, not when it's too late.

Join the fight!

I need your help to give Fort Collins a voice in the Colorado House. Today, we have no voice - just an unelected politician who takes orders from the governor and party leaders.

I need your help, so I can fight for you in state government.