Send Buzz Home

Unelected Rep. "Buzz" Boesenecker (D)

It's time to send Buzz home. He's the wrong person at the wrong time.

Buzz represents the Biden machine.

Biden Democrat

Buzz represents the political bosses who appointed him.

Biden's red sermon was divisive and dangerous.

Voters elected Jen "Bag Tax Lady" Arndt (D), not Buzz. He represents the Biden-Polis political machine that's waging a war on energy, and worsening our affordability crisis. Buzz even raised delivery "fees" (raising prices on popular services like Doordash, Uber, and Lyft - during an affordability crisis).

In exchange for office, Buzz promised to repeal TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights).

Now, Buzz wants you to thank him for your TABOR refund ("Colorado Cash Back") that he and Democrat leaders want repealed. We'd get no "Colorado Cash Back" (tax refunds) if Buzz and Polis get their way.


Buzz obediently follows Gov. Polis (D) whose "justice reforms" caused a fentanyl overdose crisis, homeless epidemic, and crime tsunami. His idea of public safety was criminalizing calling yourself a "music therapist" without a license (vetoed for trampling free speech).

School Secrecy

Buzz protects school secrecy on behalf of the teachers unions that inflicted learning loss on our kids (causing lifelong damage).

He supports fringe activism in public schools (transgender bathrooms and worse).

New Normal Tyranny

Buzz won't protect your rights in a crisis. His silence on Biden-tech censorship is violence against free speech.

His music therapy crime bill was vetoed for trampling free speech. Buzz legislated state-sponsored gender pronouns even though forced pronouns are unconstitutional compelled speech .

Serious Leadership

Buzz doesn't represent you. In a crisis, he's an unserious fringe activist who can't prioritize.

I'll be a serious leader who represents you. Join our fight, so serious people can deal with the serious issues.