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If you don’t take a stand for Colorado, who will?

We have to stand up for freedom and family. Each of us has to take a stand. I need you to stand for me at the GOP caucuses, this Saturday.

It’s time for real solutions

Our communities face serious problems. We need serious leaders, not slogans or hashtags. Enough. Our children, our seniors, and our families are too important. We need leaders who take serious problems seriously. There’s more at stake, here, than just politics. Our children’s lives are literally at stake:

It’s time to act

It’s time to use our voices, our votes, and our actions to solve these problems together. Colorado is not lost, not yet. If we fail to act, it will be lost. It’s our responsibility to act.

It’s time to stand and fight

It’s time to fight for our rights, our values, and our families. We can flip this district and help lead the way for the GOP to make lasting gains in Colorado.

We are the insurrection, now. We are going to fight like it. We will help lead the way and teach the way. It takes more than money. It takes work. It takes you to act on your beliefs.

This is not (just) about hope because hope is not a plan. We have a plan. We’re executing the plan. Here’s step one: we need your help to put Donna Walter on the ballot.

It’s time to stand at the caucuses

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find your caucus location (below).
  • Attend the caucus, Saturday, 10 AM. (A few caucuses are at 1PM. See, below.)
  • Stand for Donna Walter, HD52.
  • Help spread the word by sharing this.

We need your help to save this state. Please, do your part.

FIND YOUR CAUCUS (Select street to find caucus):